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All our lambs at Teds' Butchery Milton are free range and grass fed.We purchase only the best quality and dry age them to intensify their flavour and increase tenderness.
Lamb Ezy Carve Leg

A beautiful roasting cut.The Ezy carve is a semi boneless leg portion.Ideal for the Sunday roast.As its name suggests they are a breeze to carve.

Lamb Forequarter Chops

A very versatile chop which can be used to slow cook or simply thrown on to the BBQ.Delicious marinated in mint and rosemary. 

Lamb Cutlets

Everybodys favourite lamb chop.The cutlet is always juicy and tender.Best cooked quickly over a grill plate.Can also be crumbed and shallow fried.

Lamb leg-Bone In

The traditional family roast.The lamb leg is ideal for the large family gathering.Favourite additions to the leg are Rosemary Garlic and Mint.

Delicious when cooked for 4 hours on 150 °C.

Lamb Loin Chops

Lamb Loin Chops are a great grilling chop.They are a beautiful sweet cut and surrounded by a delicious layer of fat.This helps keep in the moisture when cooking and adds flavour.

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